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China's first seven star hotel to be built in Sanya


You won't have to go to Dubai to enjoy seven-star luxury anymore as the world's second seven star hotel — and China's first — is going to be built in Sanya, Hainan. Construction of the 120m high hotel will begin later this year and will be completed by 2011 to be managed under the Fairmont Hotels & Resorts brand. Shanghai Daily tells us more:
Located in the center of Haitang Bay in Sanya City, the hotel will spread over 150 square kilometers and include a luxury yacht club, a golf course and the biggest ocean park in Asia.
It will be among another 20 five-star hotels in the area and will be a major landmark in Sanya when it is completed.
The hotel will be designed by UK-based W.S Atkins plc which designed the world's first seven-star hotel, the Burj Al Arab, in Dubai.
A 150 square kilometer hotel?! Good heavens, that's one-seventh the size of Chongming Island and one-fifth of Singapore. And that's not all. According to the Hainan Daily, Sanya's urban planning authority have announced that the city will build not one, but two seven-star hotels.
Really, we're just a slight tad disappointed they didn't decide to go one up and build the world's first eight-star hotel instead.

(Source:www.shanghaiist.com, 2008-10-28)