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China to Host Int'l Tourism Festival at Mt. Changbaishan


Folk food expo, arts camp, summer skiing, forest cycling ... With a series of international events, the upcoming "2007 China Mt. Changbai International Tourism Festival" is to become a feast of tourism and sports.

Mt. Changbaishan in Summer Co-hosted by China National Tourism Administration and Jilin provincial government, the festival will showcase the unique landscape and rich culture of the world-famous Mt. Changbai Nature Reserve, also known as a treasury of natural resources and species genes. Running from June 15 to Oct. 15, the festival features a series of tourist and sports events, such as public arts camp, folk food expo, mountain blossoms convention, "Vatternrundan-Mt. Changbai Summer Skiing Festival", "Vatternrundan-Mt. Changbai International Forest Cycling Race", "Over the Mountain Volplaning Exhibition Game" as well as "Mt. Changbai Virgin Forest Hiking". The most attractive events are the summer skiing festival and cycling race, which are co-sponsored by the organizing committee, China Ski Association and China Bicycle Association.

Mt. Changbaishan in Winter Athletes from the cross-country, biathlon and bicycle teams of China will be joined by participants from Sweden, Denmark, Norway and other countries and regions.

(Source:Xinhua News Agency, 2007-06-15)