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HK Airport Tightens Security


Hong Kong Airport Authority said Friday that it has tightened security measures at the Hong Kong International Airport after British police in London have thwarted a major terrorist plot to blow up airplanes flying from Britain to the United States. A spokeswoman said in a telephone interview with Xinhua that special police have enhanced patrol at the airport and strengthened security checkup, specially over passengers to Britain and the United States. She said, at present, all passengers to London are required to take only passports and purse with them while boarding a flight at the requirement of the British airways. She added that at the requirements of airways from the United States, all passengers to the United States and customers of the U.S. airlines to all parts of the world are asked to arrive at the Hong Kong International Airport three hours prior to scheduled departure time, for going through security checkups. According to a spokeswoman of the United Airlines, liquids or gels of any kind will not be allowed in carry-on baggage on the aircraft, adding beverages will also not be permitted on the aircraft. She said, however, exceptions include baby formula, if a baby or small child is traveling and prescription medicine with a name matching the passenger's tickets. Two airlines from London to Hong Kong delayed from about 45 minutes to one hour and a half Friday morning.

(Source:Xinhua News Agency, 2006-08-11)