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Hukou Waterfall attracts crowds of tourists


The Yellow River's Hukou Waterfall has recently become a great tourist attraction because of continuous rainfalls since this summer. The Hukou Waterfall, China's second largest waterfall, is located in Shanxi Province. Because of its peticular geographical conditions, the width of the Yellow River in this section narrowed from 300 m to 50 m with the passage of time. The waterfall is just like a gigantic pot pouring water from the sky. According to local officials, the runoff of the waterfall decreases to 150-300 cubic meters per second in winter, and increases to 1,000-2,000 cubic meters per second in summer. Continuous rainfalls have made the width of the waterfall expand 8 times compared with last year. Two lesser waterfalls have also emerged near the Hukou Waterfall, which attract many tourists as well.

(Source:ttg, 2007-08-13)