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Industrial Tourism Promoted in Shanghai


Industry and agriculture tours will be the highlight of the city's tourism. The two will add more twists to Shanghai's traditional attractions. The city has developed eight top sights for its industry and agriculture tours. In addition, the national tourism bureau said four of these sights are models of China's future industry and agriculture tourism. "These two themes were created not too long ago, and progress is promising," said Wang Jianming, director of the Shanghai Tourism Commission. Various sights related to the two themes will soon be widely publicized. Industry tours will lead visitors to famous corporations including Baosteel Group and Shanghai Volkswagen Co Ltd. New features such as "The Bridge 8" brings visitors to a lifestyle creation center. Located downtown, it consists of several different offices, meeting rooms, information bureaus and educational institutions. Next year tours will be theme-based, according to Xie Xueming, the center's executive. "Each holiday the center will generate new routes for special occasions," said Xie. Last year the center created five routes. Xie said the number will quickly rise within the next few months. The five best spots for agriculture tourism are in Chongming Island, Fengxian District and Pudong New Area.

(Source:Shanghai Daily, 2006-01-15)