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Investigation of the Great Wall made progress


Chinanews, Beijing, July 7 With four months of work, the Beijing Municipal Mapping Research Institute has recently finished the location work for 130 watch towers along the Great Wall and 10 important sites in its Beijing section. Archeologists have marked all these places on a map with a scale of 1: 10000. Experts say the work will help them to get detailed knowledge about the Great Wall in the Beijing section. It will serve as important reference for scientists to mark out an area of the Great Wall for protection in future. In the past, only a few parts of the Great Wall can be seen on the map since the map was drawn through an aerial survey. This time, we manage to locate all the 130 watch towers by surveying on site, said Qi Baolin, an engineer from the Beijing Municipal Mapping Research Institute, which did the surveying and mapping at the request of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Cultural Relics. The whole project lasted for four months. Qi said that the 130 towers were scattered in six counties in Beijing, 50 of them in Miyun, 42 in Yanqing, 4 in Changping, 21 in Huairou, 2 in Mentougou, and 11 in Pinggu. Only 20% of the towers remain in good condition since they were built in mountains or places difficult of access; 30% have been damaged to some extent. 50% have vanished; their original sites being changed into flat lands or villages, recognizable only with the help of local old villagers. When adding these with our previous records and those that can no longer be found, we presume that there should be 140-150 Great Wall towers in Beijing in total, said Qi.

(Source:China Daily , 2006-07-07)