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Revamped Area down Potala Palace to Open to Tourists


The extensive renovation of the area at the foot of Potala Palace, Tibet's most famous landmark, has been completed, sources with the regional cultural relics administration said on Wednesday.

"The six-year renovation work has finished and 13 scenic spots in the Shol Village will open for tourists from Thursday," said Nyi'ma Cering, director of Tibet Autonomous Region Cultural Relics Administration. Shol Village, covering 50,000 square meters, has 22 ancient architectures, said Nyi'ma. Shol means "down" or "below" in the Tibetan language.
Shol Village is part of the Potala Palace and functioned as the working district for the government, nobles and monasteries. It was also the residential area of generations of Dalai Lamas, as well as officials, nobles, and people of lower classes. The 13 spots opened to tourists include a prison, a mint and a former government agency for legislation and taxation services. The entry fee is temporarily fixed at 30 yuan (US$3.9), said Nyi'ma Cering.

(Source:Xinhua News Agency , 2007-06-01)