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Shanghai Metro Line to Link up Airports


Work started yesterday on the project to extend metro line 2, which is to serve as a link between Shanghai's two airports. The metro project overlaps with the city's maglev train line. The extended metro line, between Longyang Road and Pudong International Airport, will stretch to 30.8 km from its current 24 km. The train will stop at 10 stations before reaching its terminal, which it will share with the maglev train. "Most of the extended line will be built underground to save energy and to minimize the impact on the facilities and buildings along the route," said Qiu Zhaoming, an official with Shanghai Metro Operation Co Ltd. "The line will be very close to the maglev rail as it approaches the terminal. We are still studying how to reduce the amount of interference between the two." Construction work is to be completed before the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, when many people from home and abroad are expected to visit the city. Metro line 2 is to be extended westwards to Hongqiao Airport, which handles domestic flights. Upon completion, the line will enable passengers to travel from one airport to the other in 80 minutes. It is also expected to make accessing the airports from downtown easier, as well as develop rural areas along the line, said Qiu.

(Source:China Daily , 2007-07-26)