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Song Dynasty Wedding Staged in Henan


The bridegroom Yu Zheng, wearing a Song costume, is announced as the Number One Scholar after the exam, which means that he can propose to his beloved girl.
The couple bow to each other during their traditional wedding ceremony on June 16 in Zhengzhou city , Henan province . Want to know what a traditional Song Dynasty wedding would have been like? Well, now you've got an opportunity. A couple in central China's Henan province staged just such a traditional ceremony last Saturday. Yu Zheng, the bridegroom, is a native in Zhengzhou city, capital of Henan province. To give his beloved girl a memorable wedding, Yu Zheng planned the unique celebration. According to the plots designed by Yu, he has to win the first place in the Keju exam, a formal civil service examination in feudal China. And then he went to the bride's home to propose, waiting for the bride to throw her embroidered ball on him.

(Source:CRI Online , 2007-06-20)