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Tibet Tourism Reaps in Winter


Tibet received over 110 thousand tourists in the first quarter of this year, an about 16 percent rise over the figures of visitors registered for the same period last year. The region's revenue from tourism industry for the same quarter also hit 100 million, marking an increase of about 17 percent.

Liao Li, an official with Tibet's tourism bureau, said the previously much slack winter season is gaining its momentum thanks to the Qinhai-Tibet Railway that comes to bring more people to travel in Tibet in winter. Statistics for the first quarter show domestic tourists on average stay in Tibet for 7.2 days and spend about 630 yuan every day, while foreign visitors stay for 8 days and spend over 150 dollars in the region. Liao attributes the growth in tourist numbers to an improved transportation in and out of Tibet. People are now able to get up to Tibet either by train, bus or plane.

(Source:CRIENGLISH.com, 2007-04-12)