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Tourism Hits New Heights in Chengdu in 2006


Chengdu reaped the benefits of its efforts to develop itself into a leading city for tourists in 2006. Sources from the municipal tourism bureau say the revenue from tourism reached 34,022 million yuan, or around 4392 million US dollars, 18.65% percent more than the revenue in 2005. The three main tourism markets in the city -- inbound tourism, domestic tourism and outbound tourism -- developed rapidly. Both the number of tourists and the income from tourists reached new heights. The number of foreign tourists visiting Chengdu increased sharply in 2006. A total of 579,700 foreign tourists visited the city, generating 1565 million Yuan or about 202 US dollars million in revenue, 14.77% more than in 2005. Chengdu also received 40,0371 million domestic tourist visits last year, or 10.61% more than in 2005. Domestic tourists generated an income of 32,406 million yuan, or 4183 million US dollars,18.94% more than in 2005.

(Source:CRIENGLISH.com , 2007-03-12)