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Urumqi-Narati Airline Opens


Northwest China's Xinjiang has opened a new airline linking Urumqi and the Narati Grassland, one of the autonomous region's top attractions. The new airline is good news to those who want to travel to the famous Kanas Lake and Narati Grassland during a trip to Xinjiang, as the two attractions lie over 1,000 km apart. Tourists can take plane from Xinjiang's capital, Urumqi, to Narati to experience the beauty of the vast grassland and the life of herdsman, then take a bus to Ili, from where they take plane to fly to Altai. After arriving at Altai, they can take a bus to Kanas Lake. The sheer size of Xinjiang has long been seen as a barrier to tourists who don't have much free time to travel. The opening of the new airline will enable more people to embark on journeys to explore Xinjiang

(Source:CriEnglish.com , 2006-07-17)