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Henan is located in the Yellow River valley. There were seven ancient capitals in China, three of which were located in Henan: Luoyang, Kaifeng and Anyang. This province has more historical relics than any other province. Henan tour operator offers the travelers the diversified Henan tours, including ready-made Henan tour package, custom Henan tours, Henan Tour, Henan Luoyang Tour, 11 Days Henan & Shaanxi Tour, 14 Days Henan Kung Fu Tour

Recommended Henan Tour Packages

Henan Luoyang Tour

Henan Luoyang Tour From 143USD

Attractions: White Horse Temple, Longmen Buddhism Grottoes, Shaolin Monastery, pagoda forest...

11 Days Henan & Shaanxi Tour

11 Days Henan and Shaanxi Tour

Destinations: Beijing, Zhengzhou, Kaifeng, Dengfeng, Luoyang, Huashan, Xian, Xianyang...

Attractions: Henan Provincial Museum, Zhong Yue Temple, Shaolin Temple, Kung Fu Show, White Horse Temple, Shenzhou Peony Garden, Wild Goose Pagoda...

14 Days Henan Kung Fu Tour

14 Days Henan Kung Fu Tour From 650USD

Destinations: Beijing, Luoyang, Dengfeng, Xian, Shanghai

Attractions: White Horse Temple, Shaolin Temple, Longmen Caves, Terracotta Army, Yu Garden

Custom Henan Tours

Custom Henan Tours

If our ready-made Jiangsu tours cannot fit your particulars, please complete our easy-to-use custom tour request form for a tailor-made Jiangsu tour solution. Our enthusiastic Jiangsu tour expert will promptly reply you and custom a Henan tour 100% that suits your interest. Custom Henan Tour Now

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