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Why China Connection Tours

What set CCT, a leading China tour operator apart from others?

As a leading China tour operator in custom China tour, China Connection Tours offers exceptional service to turn your dream vacation into a reality. When you book China tours with us, every aspect of the tours is customized to fit your preferences, from the sites you visit to the food you eat. Our knowledgeable staff can create an itinerary specifically with your preferences in mind. Whether you want to float down the Yangtze River or traverse the Great Wall, CCT has the right combination of experience and creativity to offer you the best in customized tour services.

After 20 years of tour operation experience, CCT continues to maintain its high standard of performance excellence. With a staff of over 150 professionals and annual revenue of over 20 million USD, we remain one of the leading China travel agencies in the world. We constantly strive to improve our services to you and provide you with the most memorable experience ever. Our long-term partnerships with our suppliers enable us to provide a high quality product for the best value in the industry. China travel solutions offers customized travel planning and purchasing through our easy-to-use online services. With the click of a button your travel solutions are designed to your specifications.

China Connection Tours has built its success on the foundation of three basic principles: customer service, supplier relationships and our travel guarantee. Our dedication begins with your first contact with CCT. Whether you contact us by email or telephone, you will receipt a prompt response within 24 hours. We also have English-speaking staff. CCT offers free information consultations along with itinerary adjustments throughout the reservation process. You will have the freedom to custom fit your hotel accommodations, transportation (air and train) and dining. CCT can also arrange for visits to a family home. We want you to feel an authentic Chinese experience and immerse yourself in the spirit of the country.

China Connection Tours has worked very hard to cultivate long-term relationships with other China tour service providers involved in your travel experience. We have carefully selected hotels based on their overall quality and location from five star deluxe accommodations to economy class lodgings. We would certainly be able to find a hotel that suits your taste and budget. You will enjoy dining at restaurants that meet our requirements and well as your preferences. We also have a countrywide network of bilingual guides that are knowledgeable and respectful. Each guide has over 10 years experience in the travel industry and specialized knowledge about their local area.

When booking with China Connection Tours, you will have complete peace of mind. We are rated Category A China tour operator by China National Tourism Administration and also cited as one of the Top 100 International Travel Agencies of China by China National Tourism Administration. We are fully bonded members of the International National Tour Asciations (NTA) and are covered under the USD 200K Consumer Protection Plan in the event of bankruptcy or insolvency. Complete details of the plan are available at www.cnta.com. We also carry a bond with major banks and insurance companies to protect your travel payments and guarantee repatriation.

Travel with China Connection Tours, a leading China tour operator and travel agency, and let us help you plan the trip of a lifetime!

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