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Testimonials 2008

12-17 Cristina A. from Spain

Tourist nationality: Spain

Tour itinerary: 3 Days Guilin-Yangshuo Tour

Tour Reviews:


Hello Sunny, 

Thank you very much for the trip, it was very nice. I wanted to thank you especially for you attention that was great. Guilin is a very nice place, the guide was also very nice. We liked the cruise and the hotels. Food in the cruise was just OK, but food in Guilin next day was excellent, we really like it. We also liked the hotels and the people who was very nice.

I didn't take pictures, but my friends did, so I will send you some.

Just two comments that maybe improved. The cruise we took was on a large boat, but we saw small boats run by local people, just with 4 or 6 chairs, they seemed to take less time to do the cruise and they looked really nice. I think you can provide that option as well, since I would have liked that.

And another thing is the payment option. To tell you the truth we were ready to book all the tour with credit card, but we didn't like the fact that you offered to send us somebody to our hotel in Beijing to collect the money in advance. It is very kind of you and I understand you do it trying to make things easy, but the problem is that we hear many things about China and we didn't feel confident to do that, everybody was telling us not to pay everything in advance. We wouldn't have mind having to pay extra for using our credit card, in fact we did that when we booked the tickets online. Given that many people use the internet to book trips, it will help to build clients trust to accept always credit cards. At least this is what we felt and what I do in my travel agency

But I understand it is not your fault, and I want to thank you again for your professional work and your patience. 

Best regards

Cristina A.

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