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China Shopping

Shopping in China is getting more convenient. For those who are staying in the country for more than just a few days, they may need their choice brands of daily necessities which can be found in most of the large department stores and shopping malls which are springing up in the country. Western retail companies have established outlets in major cities in China which carry both domestic and imported goods. For those who want to shop for souvenirs to take home, they can look around, apart from large department stores and shopping malls, in some of the open markets such as the Xiushui Street and Panjiayuan Antique Market in Beijing. Unlike large department stores where the prices are fixed, these places are where you can and you must bargain. Your local tour guides or hosts are the best help when you go to these places. They will prove essential in finding the real stuff and bringing the prices down!

Chinese EmbroideryAccording to the Chinese, there are two main divisions of embroidery, "Qing Wen" and "Tuan Cheng". Embroidery was used as a means of decorating as well as denoting rank or station.

Chinese JadeChina is well known in the world for its special art of jade carving. The beautifully carved jades with their deep implications have plaid some special roles in Chinese society.

Chinese CeramicsPottery emerged in the prehistorically Neolithic period when human beings started to have a settled life and use fire for living.

Chinese CloisonnéCloisonné is an enamel ware, in which the colors of the design are kept apart by thin metal strips. Beijing is where Cloisonné making originated

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Chinese Snuff BottlesThe Chinese believed that snuff possessed medicinal qualities and that its use helped to cure certain disease. Snuff bottles are made of a wide variety of materials.

Chinese SilkIt is well known that silk is discovered in China as one of the best materials for clothing. It has a look and feeling of richness that no other cloth can match.

Chinese Lacquer WaresTraditional Chinese lacquer wares are made of natural lacquer liquids from lacquer trees. Ancient Chinese people used lacquer liquids to coat the daily utensils made of linen and woods.

Chinese TeaThe Chinese were the first to discover the tea leaf, and have drunk tea for uncounted ages. In China, teas are different but all embody the tea spirit of "clearness, respect, joy and truthfulness".

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