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Guangzhou Shopping

Guangzhou Qingping Market, Guangzhou Shopping, Guangzhou Travel GuideBrowsing the weird and wonderful collection of animals, food and medicines in Qingping Market is one of the highlights of a visit to Guangzhou. If this is all a bit too authentic for you, there are some great little boutiques to be found on Shamian Island and Beijing Lu. Guangdong is famous for its exquisite embroidery that can be found at the good night markets on Xinhu Lu or Jiaoyue Road. Night markets are open from dusk to midnight, selling essentials, clothes and foods. The night markets are quite convenient and add color to Guangzhou nightlife.

There is an antique market in the alleys off Daihe Lu. Some reasonably priced department stores, like the South Mansion Department Store, that gets most of their stock directly from Hong Kong, are found in various parts of the city. Changzhou Road is the street for jade; Daxin Road is for folk arts and crafts; Wendehellu Road is for cultural goods such as antiques, calligraphy and pictures, pottery and porcelain, and art and crafts; on Tianhe Road you will find computers and electronics; go to Wushan Road for scientific Products; Qianjinnanlu Road has pets; Dongfengxilu Road has birds; fresh flowers are found on Danan Road; Qingping Road and Shufang Street off Danan Road has aquatic animals. Take advantage of the open-air markets for their low prices and the fun of bargaining.

Guangzhou Embroidery, Guangzhou Shopping, Guangzhou Travel GuideGuangzhou Friendship Store
Add: 369, Huanshi Dong Road
Description: souvenirs

Garden Hotel Shopping Arcade
Add: 368, Huanshi Dong Road
Description: famous brand names products

World Trade Center
Add: 371-375, Huanshi Dong Road, World Trade Center
Description: a large, deluxe shopping mall

Xindaxin Department Store
Add: 4, Zhong Shan Wu Road
Description: offers a wide choice of necessities

Shopping street in Guangzhou

Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Streets
Add: Dishipu Rd., Shangjiu Rd. and Maim Rd. in Liwan District 
Description: Best known for its low prices and trendy clothes

Add: Renmin South Road
Description: young people’s paradise famous for its fashionable clothes, ornaments ect.

Wende Road Culture Street
Add: Wende Rd. in Dongshan District 
Description: the most important cultural street in Guangzhou

Tianhe New Shopping Area
Add: In the New Tianhe City 

Hualin Jadeware Street  
Add: Hualin St., Xilaichudi in Liwan District 
Description: mainly deal in retail, wholesale and jade and jewelry processing.

Liuhua Shopping Area
Add: Near Guangzhou Railway Station 

Hongde Road Shopping Area
Add: Southern side of People's Bridge Store as Department 

Jiangnan Dadao: Wedding Dresses Street
Add: the northern end of Jiangnandadao road

Mouse Street (Women's Street)
Add: North of China Plaza, Hongshan Lu, Guangzhou

Shopping Mall in Guangzhou

Guangzhou Friendship Store
Add: 369,Huanshi Dong Road,Guangzhou 

Garden Hotel Shopping Arcade
Add: 368,Huanshi Dong Road   

World Trade Center
Add: 371-375,Huanshi Dong Road,1-3F,World Trade Center Building 

Yi An Plaza
Add: 33,Jian She Liu Ma Road,Guangzhou

Xin Da Xin Department Store
Add: 4,Zhong Shan Wu Road,Guangzhou 

Citic Plaza
Add: 233,Tian He Bei Road,Guangzhou 

Guangzhou Merchandise Building
Add: 295,Beijing Road,Guangzhou

Teem Plaza
Add: 208,Tian He Road,Guangzhou 

Featured Markets in Guangzhou
New Haiyin Wool and Cloth Exchange Square
Add: 418 Yanjiang Donglu (north side of the Haiyin Bridge), Guangzhou

Huahan Antiques & Jade Market
Add: 185 Daihe Lu, Liwan District, Guangzhou

Huangsha pen and stationery wholesale market
Add: Huangsha Subway Station 

Haiyin Electrical Appliances City
Add:On the corner of Dashatou Lu and Dashatou # 3 Lu. 

Yide Lu Toy Market
Add: It's up the other end of Yide Lu from Haizhu Square by Renmin Road 

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