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Guangzhou Useful Contact

Area Code: 020

Emergency Numbers
Police: 110
Fire: 119
Telephone Numbers: 114
Weather: 121
Municipal First-Aid Center: 120
122Traffic: 122
Time inquiry: 117Time inquiry: 117

Local Tourist Administration & Complaints Hotline
Guangzhou Tourism Bureau: 86687042


Guangzhou Health and Quarantine: 83822400

Guangzhou Yanling Hospital
Add: #533 Yueken Rd Guangzhou
Tel: 87290218, 87292609
Fax: 87691672

Guangzhou Nanfang Hospital
Add: #628 Tonghe Rd Guangzhou
Tel: 85141046
Fax: 87703645


Baiyun International Airport (Information)
Tel: 86591700
Fax: 86597618

Subway Information Enquiry: 16803006

Post & Telecommunication
Guangzhou Post Office
Add: #155-159 East Tianhe Rd.
Tel: 38188875

Postcode inquiry: 184
Express mail service: 185
Information consultation: 160

Bank or Credit Card

Bank of China
Add: #197 International Financial Building, West Dongfeng Rd.
Tel: 83338080
Fax: 83344066

Embassies & Consulate

Consulate General of Australia in Guangzhou
Add: Rm 1509, CITIC Plaza
Tel: 83350909

Consulate General of Canada in Guangzhou
Add: Rm 801, China Hotel
Tel: 86660569

Consulate General of France in Guangzhou
Add: Rm 803, CITIC Plaza
Tel: 83303405

Consulate General of Germany in Guangzhou
Add: 103 Shamian Bei Jie, Shamian Island
Tel: 81922566

Consulate General of Japan in Guangzhou
Add: Garden Hotel, Huanshi Dong Lu
Tel: 83343090

Consulate General of Malaysia in Guangzhou
Add: Floor 3, Ramada Pearl Hotel
Tel: 87395660

Consulate General of Netherlands in Guangzhou
Add: Unit 705, Main Tower, CITIC Plaza
Tel: 83302067

Consulate General of Philippines in Guangzhou
Add: Floor 1, White Swan Hotel, Shamian Island
Tel: 81886968

Consulate General of Thailand in Guangzhou
Add: White Swan Hotel, Shamian Island
Tel: 81886968

Consulate General of U.K .in Guangzhou
Add: Floor 2, CITIC Plaza
Tel: 83351354

Consulate General of U.S.A. in Guangzhou
Add: Shamian Nan Lu, Shamian Island
Tel: 81888911

Consulate General of the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam in Guangzhou
Add: Shamian Hotel Guangzhou
Tel: 88888124

Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in Guangzhou
Add: 63 Shamian Dajie Guangzhou
Tel: 88861854, 88865009

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