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Guangzhou Nightlife

Guangzhou Opera, Guangzhou Nightlife, Guangzhou Travel GuideGuangzhou has its own style of opera, superficially similar to Beijing's, but more rustic. It doesn't get much of an airing any more, though you might see traveling amateur groups performing in the parks on the weekends. Nowadays, there are discos/karaoke sessions at many of the tourist hotels. Guangzhou also has, for China, an unusually high number of nightclubs, along with a number of "beer cellars" and bars.

Theater & Concerts

Guangzhou Grand Theater
Add: Yuexiu Rd
Description: comprehensive amusement complex with theater hall, cinema and dancing hall.
Open Hour: 10:00-22:00

Bars & Teahouse & Clubs

Cave Bar
Add: Huanshi Dong Lu, west of the Garden Hotel.
Description: Increasingly popular Tex-Mex cantina and sports bar, hidden down in a basement
Open Hour: 18:00 till midnight.

Elephant and Castle
Add: Huanshi Dong Lu.
Description: Current foreign residents' favorite hangout, with big range of beers, inexpensive, nostalgic pub food (tinned tomato soup and toast, for instance), and rambling conversations with sports-shoe executives.
Open Hour: 18:00 till midnight.

Hard Rock Cafe
Add: Inside China Hotel on Liuhua Lu.
Late-night disco with expensive cover charge and beer, music either DJ or live -- the latter more likely on weekends.
Open Hour: 10:00 till midnight.

Harley Disco Bar
Add: Yuexiu Lu, across from the Provincial Museum.
Description: You can't miss the screaming eagle over the door here, but once inside the music is mostly Western pop.
Open Hour: 19:00 till midnight.

Hill Bar
Add: Hanshi Dong Lu, across from the Garden Hotel.
Description: foreign beer, spirits and passable "pub meals"
Open Hour: 18:00 till midnight.

One Love Bar
Add: Eastern end of Dongfeng Dong Lu.
Description: Hardcore late-night dance spot, widely regarded as a den of iniquity
Open Hour: 17:00 till midnight.

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