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It is a Chinese medicine. The tuber of it is used for making liquor.

Buttered Tea
It is the main drink for Naxi, Muoshuo and Pumi people in the morning, while eating Lijiang Baba. The color is white and it smells good.

Yongsheng Oil Tea
First fry rice and tea leaves in oil, then at boiling water into it. The tasty is wonderful with good smell.

WuMu Tea
It is planted along Wumu River's valley in HuPing county of Lijiang; it is a green tea with good quality.

Lijiang Snow Tea
It grows in high place at least 4,000 meters sea-level. Its color is white so called 'Snow Tea'. Now it's also used as Chinese medicine.

Xing Liquor
It is a local nutritious liquor of low degree. It's sweet and soft. Now it has become the Japanese favorite and most of this liquor production is exported to Japan.

Sheep-stomach Mushroom
Because the shape of the mushroom looks like sheep's stomach, so local people call it Sheep-stomach Mushroom. Now it has become the main export to other countries.

Citron Fruit
Naxi people like to plant citron trees in courtyards. Usually a big citron fruit weights about two kilograms. Citron fruits can be used as medicine.

Ci Mang Pear
One kind of most famous pear in China, just planted in CiMan village in the eastern outskirts of Lijiang City.

White-Cloud Bean
It is a popular green food in Lijiang. Now most of the products are exported to Japan.

Lijiang ginseng grows on the sunny and temperate banks of the Jinsha River. Studies show that it contains various medicinal elements. It has great tonic value, and is good for those who suffer from cardiovascular, and liver diseases, or diabetes.

Spirillum is an ancient ocean creature on the earth that was found by Dr. Kelimente in 1940. Because of its special nutrition, it is recommended by UNESCO: 'the most wonderful ideal nutriment for tomorrow'. In the world only three lakes were found for Spirilla growing. Chen Lake is one of them, which lies in Youngshen county of Lijiang prefecture.

Yongshen Porcelains
There, the porcelain wares are made of clay only obtained in Yongshen County. The porcelains produced in Yongshen are not only very popular in China but also in Asia. Porcelain wares of various colors and designs in this county have become collectable items.

Dongba Batiks
The Naxis acquired this cloths printing technique from Miao and Bai People. Dongba's Batiks have its own unique design. This Batik design is taken from their own Dongba pictographic characters or paintings. Souvenirs made from this Batiks material are very popular amongst foreign tourists.

Wood Carving
Lijiang woodcarving has a variety of designs, and types.

Metal handicraft
The Naxis also make a lot of their kitchenware out of bronze metal. The common bronze kitchen wares are the kettle and pots.

Naxi Tapestry
It's a typical folk's art in Lijiang, used on sacrificial occasions.

Recommended Shopping Places

Lijiang Bookstores
Add: Xin dajie Lijiang
Open Hours: 8:30am-noon; 2:30pm-9: 30pm
Description: Small supply of English books plus some maps of lijiang and Yunnan are available. Traveler's cafes in the old town often do book exchanges as well.

Dongba Research Institute
There is a small museum with Dongba scrolls and artifacts on display.
Add: Black Dragon Pool park, Lijiang
Open Hour: 9am-6pm

Markets in Lijiang mainly are situated at Marketplace of Sifang (Square) Street in Dayan old town.
Open Hours: 8:30am-10:30pm

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