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Lijiang Transportation

By Air
Lijiang airport built in 1995 is one of the nine airports in Yunnan province in the southwest of China. It lies 20km south of the city. It provides flights to Kunming, Xishuangbanna with Boeing 737. In the middle of year 2000, new flights are scheduled to operate between Beijing and Lijiang and between Shanghai and Lijiang. At the Lijiang airport there is a shuttle bus that runs between the airport and the city proper and costs only RMB10. It takes about 40 minutes to get to the city. And it costs approximately RMB 50 to take a taxi.

By Bus
Freeway shoulders the main transportation into Lijiang. You can leave from the South Bus Terminal or the West Bus Terminal. The buses are reasonably priced, comfortable and make a meal stop on the way. Freeway bus service is provided daily to the following destinations from Lijiang: Kunming 375miles (601km); Dali 125miles (200km); Jinjiang 245miles (390km); Huaping 140miles (221km); Ninglang 140miles (221km); Yongsheng 60miles (100km) and Zhongdian 125miles (200km).

By Train
So far, Lijiang does not have any connection to railroad network.

By Taxi
Taxi are readily available for hire, most of the charter taxi gather near the Mao Square in the early morning, you can bargain on the price and time when you will be back and they will meet you promptly at the tourist spot.

By Bicycle
Bicycling around the Old Town is a good way for the young and fit to see the sights in Lijiang. Particularly those young student tourists like to take a bicycle to Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and Jade Peak Temple along the village causeway. Some hotels have free bicycling service. And Hordes of small shops in Mao Square rent bikes for RMB7-10 per day.

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