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Pingyao Shopping

Polished Lacquer ware

Polished Lacquer ware from Pingyao is well-known for its elegant finish and graceful designs. The wooden craftwork is coated with paint manually for several times and polished after each coat. It will be brighter after each polishing procedure. Such process makes the craftworks endure heat and moisture thus keeps the color forever. Famous lacquer items include jewelry boxes, wardrobes, large and small screens, bowls and Pingyao Handcrafts, Pingyao Shopping, Pingyao Travel Guideplates. The popular ones are produced by the Taiyuan Gold Lacquer ware Factory and Pingyao Polished Lacquer ware Factory, including screens and ornaments

Chinese Yam

Chinese Yam has been used in China as a kind of tonic herb for thousands of years. It is said to benefit the spirit, promote fluid metabolism, enhance spleen and stomach function and when taken habitually, to brighten the intellect and help prolong life. The Chinese have used this herb for centuries to help restore impaired immunological function, stimulate secretions of vital immune hormones and enhance overall immune system response throughout the body.

Handmade cloth shoes

Handcrafts of Pingyao, Pingyao Shopping, Pingyao Travel GuideWhen traveling Pingyao, you will see a number of middle-aged ladies sitting in front of their homes sewing shoes for themselves. Handmade cloth shoes from Pingyao feature unique designs, elaborate processing and elegant looking. They are often embroidered with figures of animals and natural flowers which not only make the shoes more pretty but are supposed to drive away evil and bring about good luck. These genuinely hand-made shoes have the advantage of good ventilation and sweat absorption and being comfortable to wear.

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