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Pingyao Restaurants

Food and specialties

Pingyao has many special food and products including Wantuoze, Pingyao Beef,

Pingyao food, Pingyao Restaurants, Pingyao Travel GuideWantuoze

It is a kind of round flat noodle that is rolled and dipped in sauce. It is a traditional Pingyao food dating back to the Qing dynasty, more than one hundred years ago. History has that the Empress Dowager Cixi once tried the food and gave high honor to its special flavor. Wantuoze has since ever become popular throughout the country.

Pingyao Braised Beef

Ancient Pingyaoneses began to braise beef in the Han dynasties. They prepare the beef with five-aroma seasoning so the stuff is tender, fragrant and tasty. All the cattle are well selected for the older the cattle are and the more fragrant the braised beef is.

Yunjincheng Restaurant

Add: No.64, South Avenue, Pingyao Ancient Town
Tel: +86-354-5689 188
Type of Cuisine: Jin Cuisine (ShanTianyuankui Guesthouse, Pingyao Restaurants, Pingyao Travel Guidexi local cuisine)
Description: A five-star guesthouse features authentic Jin cuisine and local flour food. It serves the most popular Pinyao Wantuo, and Pingyao Beef Jerky.

Tianyuankui Guesthouse (Official Website: http://www.pytyk.com)

Add: No.73, South Avenue, Pingyao Ancient Town
Tel: +86-354-5680 069
Type of Cuisine: Local food& western food
Description: Pingyao local specialties and western style food is served in a pleasant ambience.

De Ju Yuan Guesthouse (Official Website: http://www.pydjy.net/bgjj0.htm)

Add: NO. 43 West Street, Pingyao Ancient Town
Tel: +86-354-5685 266
Type of Cuisine: Shanxi cuisine &Flour food
Description: With traditional Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) decoration, De Ju Yuan is an oldest folk-style guesthouse in Pingyao. It provides genuine snacks of Pingyao, such as Pingyao Pork, Wantuoze, Kaolaolao and other 108 kinds of typical snacks.Tianyuankui Guesthouse, Pingyao Restaurants, Pingyao Travel Guide

Ju Guang Ju Hotel (Official Website: http://www.juguangju.com/)

Add: NO.20, Shuncheng Rd., Pingyao Ancient Town
Tel: +86-354-3561 888
Type of Cuisine: Cantonese cuisine, Xiang cuisine, Sichuan cuisine and local dishes
Description: Ju Guang Ju Hotel emphasizes the elegant dining environment and the exquisite appearance of food. It serves Cantonese cuisine, Xiang cuisine, Sichuan cuisine and local dishes.

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