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Hangzhou Shopping

Known as the "Silk County", Hangzhou offers a variety of traditional arts and crafts, including Hangzhou silk, Dujinsheng brocade, West Lake Silk umbrellas, and Wangxing fans. Other sought after products are Zhang Xiaoquan scissors, bamboo chopsticks, Hangzhou chrysanthemum and Dragon's Well Tea.

China Tea Museum

Add: Shuangfeng, Dragon's Well Rd.
Description: one of the few tea museums in china, a good chance to learn about the history of tea and buy local tea
Hours: 9am-6pm

Hangzhou Kaidisi Silk Co. Ltd.

Add: No.15 North Ring Rd.
Description: One of the biggest shops selling silk products
Hours: 8:30am-6pm

Hangzhou West Lake Dragon's Well Green Tea Inc.

Hangzhou Dragon Well Green Tea, Hangzhou Shopping, Hangzhou Travel GuideAdd: No.108 Dragon's Well Road
Description: located beside the Dragon's Well Tea Garden, you can buy fresh Dragon's Well Tea, and stroll in the tea garden.
Hours: 8:30am-6pm

Hangzhou Antique Shop

Add: Dongpo Rd.
Description: the biggest of its kind in Hangzhou. It offers a great variety of antique pieces.
Hours: 8:30am-6: 30pm

Zhejiang Antique Store

Add: Huancheng West Rd.
Description: one of the best antique shops in Hangzhou, guaranteed quality and good service
Hours: 8:30am-6: 30pm

Zhejiang Province Foreign Language Bookstore

Add: 56 Hubin Rd.
Description: offers a fair selection of bilingual tourist maps; good pickings in English classics and translated Chinese literature section on the 3rd floor
Hours: 9am-8: 30pm

Night Market

Hangzhou Silk, Hangzhou Shopping, Hangzhou Travel GuideAdd: Wushan Rd. Hangzhou
Description: selling local specialties.

Birds and Flowers Market

Add: Youdian Rd. Hangzhou
Description: the largest market in Hangzhou, offering a variety of birds, flowers, pets and daily items

Hangzhou Department Store

Add: 260 Yan'an Rd.
Description: one of the oldest department stores in Hangzhou, recently renovated
Hours: 9:30am-9:30pm

Jiefang Department Store

Add: 211 Jiefang Rd.
Description: offering various daily necessities with reasonable prices
Hours: 9am-9pm

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