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Hangzhou Transportation

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Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport is located 27km away from central Hangzhou. There are regular flights to more than 30 major Chinese cities, often daily, depending on the season. There is a direct flight between Hong Kong and Hangzhou daily. Shuttle buses run between the airport and the Hangzhou city every 30minutes from 8am to 8pm and cost RMB25. It costs about RMB80-100 for a taxi.


The railway station is located on Huancheng Dong Rd. The newly opened "tourist train" between Shanghai and Hangzhou takes two instead of four hours.


Hangzhou port is located on 138 Huancheng Rd., north of Wulin Square, near the intersection of Huangshan N. Rd. and Zhongshan N. Rd. The boat goes to Wuxi and Suzhou.


Taxis are everywhere and metered. Fares vary depending on the size of the vehicle. Generally most taxis charge a base fare of RMB10 during the day and RMB11 at night, with an additional RMB1 per km.


Most of the big hotels in Hangzhou rent bikes fors RMB10 per day--leave a deposit of RMB400 or your passport.

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