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Hangzhou Nightlife

Theatres & Concerts

Hangzhou Theater, Hangzhou Nightlife, Hangzhou Travel GuideHangzhou Theater
Add: #370 Stadium Rd.
Description: one of the oldest theaters in Hangzhou.
Hours: 8PM-10PM

Metropolitan Opera House
Add: #333 Stadium Rd. (5th floor of the International Mansion)
Description: a modern opera House, wonderful performances from famous national and international performers
Hours: 8PM-10PM


Add: Yan'an Longxiangqiao
Description: a European-style bar
Hours: 8PM-2AM

Paradise Rock Bar
Add: #15 Hubing Rd.
Description: caters to Western tastes with beer, drinks and music
Hours: 8PM-close

New Orleans Bar
Add: #333 Tiyuchang Rd.
Description: come listen to jazz
Hours: 8PM-close

Qingteng Teahouse
Add: #22 Hubin Rd.
Description: Top quality tea house
Hours: 9AM-11PM

The Lakeside Pavilion
Add: #12 Beishan Rd.
Description: located on shore of West Lake, enjoy inexpensive tea
Hours: 8:30-11:30AM, 12:30-4PM and 6PM-midnight

Paradise Bird Tea House
Add: #34 Hubin Rd.
Description: offers noodle soups and a selection of teas and beers.
English-language menus available.
Hours: 11:30AM-midnight

Hangzhou West Lake Cinema
Add: #95 Pinghai Rd.
Hours: 10AM-10PM

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