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Guilin Shopping

Guilin is a nice place to buy the traditional handicrafts with good quality and reasonable price. The famous local products and handicrafts include water chestnuts, Mangosteen, fermented bean curd, salty-water pearl, medicinal materials, crystal, paper umbrellas and artistic pottery and porcelain.

Silver Dragon Jewelry Co. Ltd.
Add: #26, Qixing Road, Guilin
Description: It mainly sells Jewelry and jade products.
Open Hours: 8:30am-6: 30pm

Lulling Drug Store
Add: Botanical Garden, Yanshan Guilin
Description: It sells Chinese herbal medicine.
Open Hours: 8:30am-6:00pm

Ziyuan Trading Company
Add: No.35 Xishan Road, Guilin
Description: It sells local art and crafts products, mainly is pearl products.
Open Hours: 8:30am-6: 30pm

Yulong Jewelry Store
Add: 4 Shijiayuan, Lidong Rd. Guilin
Description: It mainly sells pearls, jewels, and jade objects.
Open Hours: 8:00am-6:00pm

Artistic Pottery and Porcelain Factory
Add: 72 Seven Star Rd. Guilin
Description: It's the largest factory making and selling artistic pottery and porcelain wares in Guilin.
Open Hours: 9:00am-6: 30pm

Normal College Arts Shop
Add: Guangxi Normal College, Guilin
Description: It's located on the campus of Guangxi Normal College. With the nice surroundings you can stroll in the art gallery enjoying the Chinese paintings from the local artists leisurely.
Open Hours: 9:00am-6: 30pm

Guilin China Calligraphy &Painting Exhibition Room
Add: #1 Beilu, Shanhu
Description: There is a rich collection of Chinese ink and oil paintings from local artists.
Open Hours: 9:00am-9: 15pm

Yanrong Dizhi Art and Crafts Center
Add: Yanrong Dizhi Hall, Guilin
Description: It sells Calligraphy and paintings.
Open Hours: 8:30am-6:00pm

Arts Porcelain Factory
Add: No.74 Qixing Road, Guilin
Description: There you can enjoy the traditional way making Chinese porcelain.
Open Hours: 8:30am-6:00pm

Guilin Baguizai Calligraphy &Painting Store
Add: Nanlu, Ronghu
Description: It is the most famous store for painting and calligraphy in Guilin. There is a great variety of works for you to choose.
Open Hours: 9:00am-9: 15pm

Guilin Huaxzhonghua Commercial Mansion
Add: Zhongshan Zhonglu
Description: It has good reputation of " Small Hongkong". There are a number of restaurants featuring pickled Chinese cabbage.
Open Hours: 9:00am-8: 30pm

Smile Tang (Weixiao Tang)
Add: Zhongshan Zhonglu
Description: It is multi-storey shopping mall. There is the basement with fruit, beverage and cooked food.
Open Hours: 9:00am-9: 30pm

Guilin Department Store
Add: Zhongshan Zhonglu
Description: The government-run department store is the oldest one of its kind in Guilin. But now it has been decorated and sells a great variety of goods.
Open Hours: 9:00am-8: 30pm

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