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Guilin Nightlife

Theatres & Concerts

Gui Opera Troupe
Add: 89 W.Jiefang Rd.
Description: local Gui Opera performances, is busiest over the weekend.
Hours: 8 pm-10 pm

Guilin Gui Opera Troupe, Guilin Nightlife, Guilin Travel Guide

Lijiang Theater
Address: No.38 Binjiang Rd,
Description: enjoys a high reputation for the wonderful performances of local ethnic nationalities

Bars / Teahouses / Clubs

World in Heaven Amusement City
Add: Bubugao Mansion, Shanhu Rd Guilin
Hours: 8 pm-2 am

Garden Night
Add: Royal Garden Hotel, Yanjiang Rd Guilin
Description: Dancing, singing performances and costume show of local ethnic nationalities.
Hours: 8 pm-10 am

Jiulong Night Club
Add: S. Zhongshan Rd
Description: Sauna, Massage, KTV room
Hours: 8 pm-1 am

Yuehao Club
Add: 29 Xingyi Rd.
Description: Karaoke, sauna, coffee bar
Hours: 8 pm-1 am

Red Sun Karaoke Dancing Hall
Add: 1# 572 N. Zhongshan Rd.
Description: KTV room, dance hall, live performances
Hours: 8 pm-2 am

GOGO Amusement City
Add: No.120 Yiren Road,
Description: Dance hall, live performance, Karaoke, coffee bar
Hours: 8PM-1AM

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