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Testimonials 2009

2009-12-13 Brian K. from USA

Tourist nationality: USA

Tour itinerary: 14-Day Deluxe China Yangtze River Tour: Beijing/ Xian/ Chengdu/ Chongqing/ Yangtze River Cruise/ Yichang/ Shanghai

Tour Reviews:

Dear Jason,

Just a few other comments about our trip.

Our Beijing tour guide "John" quickly became aware that we weren't the average Western tourists and so he asked whether he should change lunch at Mutianyu from the tourist restaurant to a more typical farmer’s restaurant. We readily accepted his suggestion and we were very glad we did. Netting a fish and having a more typically Chinese meal was exactly what we wanted and enjoyed.

We got a little behind schedule in Xi'an because our 3 kids (26, 23 & 20 years) took a little longer than expected bicycling around the old city wall, and then we unexpectedly ended up buying some rather nice furniture and other things from the tourist market shop en route to the Terracotta Warriors. We look forward to receiving that furniture in due course.

Our Chengdu guide "Nora" very kindly bought us panda toys on our panda sanctuary visit and oranges on our giant Buddha visit. 

I think we had the visit to a specialist tea shop in Chengdu. The presentation and tasting they do there of the various teas was again superb - and at least we bought some tea to bring home.

The unexpected evening show in Chengdu was absolutely brilliant (Thanks for that special gift for my friends birthday!!) - and I still don't understand how they can change the colored face masks so quickly without the changes being seen. I must examine my video tape more closely to see if I can see how it is done! That show was a real plus - so thank you for surprising us with it.

Our tour guide in Chongqing had a difficult time because the weather there was particularly cold and grey, and we did not want to do anything other than wait for boarding the cruise.

Our tour guide in Shanghai was "Sean" - and having lived in Canada, he had the best command of English of any of the guides. Of course, we only had him on the airport and Maglev transfers, but he was certainly very knowledgeable and very friendly. We bought quite a bit in Shanghai including business suits tailored for our sons - and we really needed one more day there.

I hope this all helps.

Thanks once again.

Kind regards,

Brian Kusel


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