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Testimonials 2014

2014-07-22 Tim Fischer from USA

Tourist nationality: USA

Tour itinerary: Guilin, Longsheng, Yangshuo, Xian

Tour Reviews:

We had a great experience working with CCT in the planning stages of our China tour and so very much enjoyed the tour itself. Our tour "planner" was very flexible in working with us as we developed our tour of these two areas. I gave her the sites we wanted to see based on my research, she recommended others and we finalized our tour events. She was great working with. Even found out she could get our transportation between cities at a lesser expense than what I found on line. Our tour guides in both Guilin/Yangshuo and Xi'an were very knowledgeable of the areas we toured, spoke a clear English, and took care of all hotel and event ticket arrangements. The drivers were very professional in driving us safely to each site in their very comfortable suv type air conditioned vehicle. The lunches provided were more than adequate regarding quantity and very, very tasty. The only negatives that I can say which wasn't real bad was a couple of the hotel's room air conditioning was not adequate to cool the room to about 68f/20c at night as I enjoy a cooler room to sleep in. Also, I was looking forward to using the hotel's out door pool in Guilin, but it was closed and empty for maintenance. Other than that, the hotels were very nice.

Overall, I was very happy with CCT from the planning to execution phases of our China trip. I would definitely recommend them as a professional guide service and I believe price wise they were very competitive and reasonable with other guide services. When returning to China, I would definitely go with them again.

Regarding giving me as a reference for others considering using your company as tour guides, I would be happy to do that for you. We were very happy with Amy and Nancy as guides and very happy also with your service in setting up our tour.

Thank you so much for making our tour of Guilin/Yangshuo and Xi'an very pleasant along with setting up our transportation from Shanghai to Guilin, Guilin to Xi'an and Xi'an to Beijing. It was very pleasant working with you.

Tim Fischer

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