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Testimonials 2016

2016-10-12 Vcarola from Australia

Tourist nationality: Australia

Tour itinerary: 16 day ceramics tour

Tour Reviews:

We wish to thank Dora very much for all her assistance and patience with the coordination of our private 16 day ceramics tour in October. She was so helpful in adjusting the itinerary to suit us.

Thank you Dora for organising all the guides, drivers and the hotels, flights and train journey. We so appreciated help from the guides and drivers as we transferred to each wonderful hotel. Everything went very smoothly. 

Each of the guides were excellent and very knowledgable about Chinese culture and their particular city - Linda in Beijing & Baoding, Winston in Zhengzhou, Linda in Xi’an, Peter in Jingdezhen and Kris in Shanghai. We visited a number of museums and kiln sites and learnt much about Chinese ceramics. The guides also suggested extra attractions to visit so we could experience as much as possible each day. 

We highly recommend Dora and China Connection Tours. You give an outstanding service. Thank you!

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