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Testimonials 2017

2017-05-22 Ajit from Canada

Tourist nationality: Canada

Tour itinerary: Beijing

Tour Reviews:

We had such an excellent experience with this tour group. Eric worked with us to create a unique and highly customized experience - we did one day in Beijing where as asked to cover ALL the sites in one day (forbidden city, tianemen square, summer palace, temple of heaven), then FOUR DAYS hiking different sections of the great wall of China, then 1 day at Luo Yang and 1 day in Xi'an. They gave us a BIG VAN to house all of our luggage and our family very comfortably (air conditioned too!). The meals were very well arranged and a vast majority of the time we had someone helping us order - our tour guides also helped us check in and board for every train and plane we took. Our tour guides, Marco (beijing), Jimmy (great wall), Shane (luo yang) and Coco (Xi'an) were all knowledgable and perhaps most importantly - INCREDIBLY accommodating. If they had planned one type of lunch for us but we wanted a different type - they found it! They helped us order food whenever we needed and If we wanted more time in one spot vs another, they gave it to us! They were incredibly professional. I can't sing the praises of Jimmy and our driver, Mr. Shi enough - they were the ones who accompanied us for four days straight along the great wall and they were so helpful and such joyous company. I think this company also does a lot less of the tourist trap shopping than other companies - we were never forced to spend more time than we wanted to in these different factories etc (though they all housed quite beautiful objects). Long story short we had a beautiful family vacation seeing the natural and city landscapes of China with fantastic people - it is a trip we will never forget!

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