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Testimonials 2018

2018-10-12 Luis H from Mexico

Tourist nationality: Mexico

Tour itinerary: Datong, Wutai, Pingyao, Qufu, Huangshan and Beijing

Tour Reviews:

China Connection Tours provided my wife and I mainly vehicle/driver and guide services for a 17 day private tour throughout several cities in northeast China in order to visit temples, famous mountains, historical sites and monuments, ancient towns, etc.: Datong, Wutai, Pingyao, Qufu, Huangshan and Beijing. We had four guides along our journey: two were good, one somewhat less and one pretty bad (in Qufu). The logistics side of their service was good: always on time, good vehicles, water bottles available, train tickets purchased and delivered on time. This company is quite expensive, but it is uncertain if those that are cheaper would be able to handle a tour like this. It is a good choice to handle your visit to China but I suggest to always get quotations of other companies for comparison purposes.

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