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Testimonials 2018

2018-10-28 Fei and Kanishk from USA

Tourist nationality: USA

Tour itinerary: Beijing - Xian - Shanghai - Nanjing

Tour Reviews:


12 Day China Tour - The most exhilarating experience

We recently came back from our China Trip with 11 family members who came from US and India for a joint family tour. This private tour was for 12 days, covering 4 cities - Beijing, Xi'an, Shanghai and Nanjing and services like - tour guide, bus, hotel stay, lunch, and attraction tickets. Our coordinator was Jason Liu who met and exceeded all our expectations and made our tour an experience which we will never forget. 

Overall Experience with CTC – 

The company made genuine efforts to accommodate all our needs and made us feel very special. 

Provided personalized service throughout the tour with best customer experience

Tour guides spoke very good English and made our trip very comfortable. They went above and beyond with their service 

Highly recommend this company and Jason Liu for your next China Trip

Detailed Review of each city & tour guide – 

Beijing (Tour Guide: David Kuo) – David was our tour guide for Beijing and we covered the following destinations – Forbidden City, Tiananmen square, Temple of Heaven, Great Wall, Olympic Stadium, Summer Palace, Hutong Rickshaw tour. He spoke very good English and was very informative and helpful throughout our stay in Beijing. Our group had requested to eat vegetarian food and he took us to one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Beijing and everyone loved the food. David was always on time and made our stay pleasant. We faced few issues with flight delays and confusion at the airport, but David and Jason ensured our experience was as smooth as possible. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay in Beijing and would highly recommend David as your tour guide for Beijing. 

Xi’an (Tour Guide: Judy Zhang) – Judy was our next tour guide for Xi’an. She is a very humorous person and diligent guide. We covered the following destinations – Terra-cotta Warrior Museum, City Walls, Islamic Quarter and Hang Dynasty show. She ensured that we covered as much as possible in the given amount of time and always kept us entertained with her jokes about how her mom likes her granddaughter more than her daughter. She was very helpful at the airport with our connection to Shanghai. We also met Jason in Xi’an who came to meet us and check if we were having any issues and it made us feel very special. 

Shanghai (Tour Guide: Autumn) – Our group loved Autumn as she ensured that we get the best possible experience of Shanghai. In addition to the services, she went above and beyond to help us when one of our group member had to go to hospital. Jason and Autumn arranged for an additional guide and car service to take our team member to the hospital and stayed with them throughout to ensure we have a smooth experience. Autumn also went above and beyond to bring cake and fruits to our sick team member so they can feel better. We really felt very touched with this level of customer experience. We will highly recommend Autumn to everyone who visits Shanghai. She was also taking a lot of pictures of our group and sharing with us which made our trip even more memorable. 

Nanjing (Tour Guide: Ms Lu) – Ms Lu was very knowledgeable and shared great details about Nanjing and its history. We covered the following destinations - Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum, City wall and Shopping area. Ms Lu made our day tour a very fun and enjoyable experience. She accommodated all our needs and made us feel special.

Kanishk & Fei

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