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Testimonials 2019

2019-11-25 George from USA

Tourist nationality: USA

Tour itinerary: 11 Day Private China Tour

Tour Reviews:

We took an 11 day family vacation using CCT to arrange a private tour of 4. They listened to what we wanted and were flexible to the itinerary, tailoring it to our wants and needs. With their help in planning and using the right guides, it turned out to be a great, unforgettable trip.

Communicating with the Jason was excellent. All our many pre-trip questions were answered promptly. We had one instance where after all the itinerary was completed, we had concerns with the Hong Kong leg of our trip and we eliminated that from the tour and extended our trip adding another city. Jason helped us modify our trip without a hitch. He was even communicating during our trip to make sure everything was going ok. 

After all the planning, scheduling, reservations comes the executing. The proof is in the pudding. How did they perform?

The guides and drivers were all excellent, starting from picking us up at the airport, checking us into the hotel, making sure our rooms were satisfactory, and helping with currency exchange. They were prompt/early, waiting for us to begin the tours each morning. The guides were very knowledgeable of their tour area, keenly aware of how to avoid the hordes of tourists and gave insights of the sights, culture, and made some great local food recommendations. Big thanks to Nikki in Beijing, Summer in Xian, and Rita in Shanghai for taking good care of us.

In summary, we had a great experience using China Connection Tour and would not hesitate to recommend them.

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