Ruins of Yangguan Pass

Ruins of Yangguan Pass, Dunhuang Attractions, Dunhuang Travel GuideThe ruin of ancient city is seventy kilometers west of Dunhuang County town. It used to be a pass on the southern route of the Silk Road. A large number of cultural relics dating to the Han Dynasty (206 B.C. -220 A.D.) have been unearthed among the ruins of the old city. To the east of Yangguan lies the remains of Shouchang City, and to the north is a well-preserved ole beacon tower on Dundun Hill. Outside of these ruins there is nothing but desert with few human traces. No wonder Wang Wei (701-761), a poet of the Tang Dynasty wrote: "Drink another cup of wine, I bid you; For no dear ones shall you see outside of Yangguan."