Jingzhou Ancient City

Jingzhou has served as the capital during the Eastern Jin Dynasty (317-420) and Five Dynasty Period (907-960) and also the capital of local jurisdiction in the following time. Now, the remains of the Chu capital stand about 5 km from the city proper, holding abundant of historic relics in numerous cultural sites from the Spring Jingzhou Ancient City, Jingzhou Attractions, Jingzhou Travel Guideand Autumn and Warring States periods.

The outline of the old city of Jingzhou had changed little since the Three Kingdoms period and is among the first group of 24 historic and cultural cities designated by the State Council. The old city wall is 16 km long and outside it is Mount Jiejia, where Guan Yu, a famous general during the Three Kingdoms period, would stop after a battle to have a rest before making his triumphant return. In addition, Jingzhou is also the place where Guang Yu and his army experienced their final failure.

Inside the city wall, there are six memorial temples dedicated to Guan Yu, who was established as a hero in Chinese history and was greatly honored everywhere all around the country.

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