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Kashgar Travel Guide


Kashgar is one of the major cities of Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region. The city lies in the southern part of Xinjiang Province.


Kashgar City is situated in the plain climate zone with clear distinctions among the four seasons. The city enjoys a long summer and short winter with an annual temperature of 11.7 degree Celsius.

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In Kashgar, tourists will feel the strong ethnic atmosphere in the streets, the bazaars, restaurants, teahouses and with the people of the city. The main attractions include Id Kah Square with its clock tower and huge mosque, the main post-liberation monument of Kashgar, and the colossal statue of Chairman Mao.


Kashgar was called Shule in ancient times, and it has a history of more than 2000 years. According to a Persian epic, Afulabuseyav, an ancient Tulan hero, established the capital of his kingdom there. In the latter half of the second century B.C., after the Han Dynasty Emperor Wudi sent Zhang Qian as his special envoy to the western Region, Kashi became a tributary of the Western Han Dynasty. At the end of the Sui Dynasty and in early Tang Dynasty, Kashi paid taxes and levies to the Western Turkish Khanate. Before Genghis Khan went on his western expedition, Kashgar was the south capital of the Western Liao Regime established by Khitans. After Khan's western expedition was over, Kashgar became the fief of the crown prince of Chagatai. During the reign of the Qing Dynasty Emperor Qianlong, Kashgar became the seat of government of the Kashgar Councilor of the Qing government.

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Top Kashgar Attractions:
Id Kah Mosque | Muztagh Ata