Lianyungang Travel Guide


Lianyungang, Lianyungang Travel GuideLianyungang, the eastern terminus of the Lanzhou – Lianyungang Railway on the Huanghai (Yellow Sea) coast in northeast Jiangsu Province, is the nearest outlet to the sea for northwest China and the areas in the lower and middle reaches of the Huanghe (Yellow River). Lying between mountains and sea, it is a newly developed city with an area of 740 square kilometers and a population of 390,000. Its charm and mild climate make it a favorite place for sightseeing and summer vacations.


Lianyungang is located in the middle of China's east coast, in the northeast of Jiangsu Province. Lianyungang has a total land area of 7499.9 square kilometers and water area of 1759.4 square kilometers.

Natural resources

Lianyungang is surrounded by mountains and is a microcosm of beaches, unique urban scenery and lovely landscapes. It is one of China's 49 most important tourist cities and one of three main tourist areas in Jiangsu Province. A tourist may find in Lianyungang the famous mountain (Flower & Fruit Mountain), famous sea (Yellow Sea), famous water (Donghai Hot Spring), famous bamboo (Gold-Gilded Jade bamboo), famous stone (crystal), famous books (Pilgrimage to the West, Flowers in the Mirror), famous "air" (best air quality in China) and a famous well (first well in Asia).

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