Lianyungang sub-zone

Export Processing Zone

Lianyungang Export Processing Zone is approved by the State Council on March 10th, 2003. Located in the planning area of the state level Lianyungang Economic and Technological Development Zone, to the north it leans against the Near-port Industry Zone, to the east it is 5 kilometers away from Lianyungang Port, 310 National Highway, Longhai Railway and Xulian Highway pass through the zone. In July 2003, it passed the joint acceptance checked by the General Administration of Customs and other related national ministries and commissions and is formally enclosed for operation.

The total planning area of Lianyungang Export Processing zone is 3 sq. km., which is divided into the east and the west district with the east Longhai Railway and Lianxu Highway as their boundaries. The east district (the start district) is 0.7 sq. km. in acreage. The start district is perfectly equipped with all the facilities like road, water supply, drainage, sewage, power supply, steam supply, communications, broad band, cable television, etc. as well as modern standard workshops, which makes it an ideal investment location for processing trade enterprises.

New Pharmaceutical Industrial Base

State Level Lianyungang New Pharmaceutical Industrial Base was authorized of establishment in December 2001. The base is located in the center area of Lianyungang Economic and Technological Development Zone, its overall area is 3 sq. km. Currently, many backbone production enterprises are already established in the base, including Hengrui Group, Hengrui shares, Zhongjin Medicinal Packaging Co.,Ltd., Haosen Pharmacy, Senoh Medical Equipment Co.,Ltd., Kanion Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd, etc. Among these enterprises, two have been successfully listed on the market. All enterprises have passed GMP authentication.

The New Pharmaceutical Base mainly develops Chinese and Western medicine, chemical medicine, medical treatment equipment, medical wrapping material and other medical industry products and their supported products

High and New Technology Industrial Development Zone

Lianyungang High and New Technology Industrial Development Zone was established in August 1997 under the approval of the People's Government of Jiangsu Province. The approved area is 3 and planning area is 5.74

The zone is convenient in transportation, for Ninglian Expressway and Linlian Expressway start from the zone and it abuts against Lianhuo Expressway, Tongsan Expressway and Longhai Railway passes the west of it. The zone has sound facilities. There are 66 industrial enterprises, 29 foreign-funded enterprises. It has developed industries such as fine chemicals, electronics, building materials.

Near-port Industry Zone

The area of Near-port Industry Zone is about 76 sq. km. with location east to Pinghan Road, west till Linhong Road, north till 242 Provincial Highway and south to Yunyan River. Near-port Industry Zone is the main battlefield of the strategy of ‚Äúrejuvenating the Port by industries‚ÄĚ. It is also an important part for Lianyungang to build an international seashore city and modern industrial port city.

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