Ba Da Guan

The Ba Da Guan (Eight Passes Scenery Spot), a sanatorium area in Qingdao lies in the east of Huiquan Bay. It is well known for its photogenic landscaping and the amalgam of more than 200 western architectures in different styles, and is also called the Architecture Museum.

Ba Da Guan - Qingdao Travel Guide

With its colonial, predominantly German, history Qingdao contains the architecture of many different European styles. Outside of the old German Concession, north of the railway station, most of this history is displayed in Badaguan, also known as the Huiquan area. Badaguan, literally the Eight Passes, is so named because eight of the roads here are named after China's most famous passes. The area features Russian, English, French, German, and Danish constructions which are now mostly either large scale guesthouses or sanitariums. Badaguan is a great area to stroll through, not only interesting for its tree lined avenues and proximity to the Number One Beach, but also for budding botanists; the roads here are also known after the flowers or trees that line them, for example, Shaoguan Lu is also called Green Peach Road, Ningwuguan Lu is called Crabapple Road, Zhengyangguan Lu is called Crab Myrtle Lu. In recent years, a peach forest, flowering in spring, has been planted at the northeast corner of the area. While in the southwest corner lies the "the lovers' paradise", a place favored by lovers where the cypresses line both sides of the road.

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