Little Qingdao Isle

Little Qingdao Isle of Qingdao, Qingdao Attractions, Qingdao Travel GuideUnlike Qingdao City, the Little Qingdao Isle is a very small island (In Chinese character, Qingdao and Qingdao Island is the same), which together with Zhan Bridge are the symbols of Qingdao City, Shandong Province. The Little Qingdao Isle is located to the southeast of Zhanqiao Bridge, covering an area of 0.012 square kilometers. Little Qingdao Isle Whose shape is like an ancient violin, is also called "violin Isle". When Germans and Japanese occupied the area including this small island, it got two different names. The local residents called it "The Small Qingdao Island". This Island was originally a part of the mainland. Over the years the erosion by the sea gradually isolated the island from the mainland until it reached its present state. The most noticeable building is a white octagonal lighthouse constructed by German in 1900, standing high among beautiful rock and green trees. It was made of white marble. It has a height of about 15m. It was put into use in 1915. Inside of the house, on the top, there is a reflector with a range of 12 sea miles to give directions to all the ships passing here. After liberation, the tower was repaired and restored. At night, the glistening light from the lighthouse shining on the sea waves composes the famous beautiful scene of "Floating Light on the Isle". In the past, there were many fragrant but rare yellow lilies which were called "Qingdao Lily" by the Germans. Later, with increasing number of tourists, lilies could no longer be seen. Lu Xun Park lies to the east of this Island. On the north side of the Island there is a levee. Now it has become the stopping place for yachts on the sea. Many flowers and trees for watching during the spring, the summer and the autumn like black pines and oriental cherries are planted fully on the Island. Since liberation, the Island was used to be used by detachment of yacht of navy of China. As early as the beginning of 1930's, the Small Qingdao Island was opened as a park and since the summer of 1988, it has become a spot for tour of Qian Sea. It is a good area for a brief stroll, giving good views of the Huilangge Pavilion, the rusting submarine and destroyer of the Naval Museum, and, if the weather is right, the nearby Yellow Island (Huangdao) nestling in mists.

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