Qingdao Protestant Church

The Qingdao Protestant Church (Jidu jiaotang), firstly built in 1910 by Germany, is one of Qingdao's quieter and more interesting sights. It is situated opposite the south -west entrance to Xinhaoshan Park. It is made up of a 39.10 meter tall bell tower and 18 meter high main hall which has a seating capacity of 1,000. Every Sunday, the church is open to the public.

Although recently renovated this church still retains most of its original style and charm. The church is in typical Protestant style, the sandy yellow walls and clay red tiles contrasting well with the grayish buildings around this area.

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Within, the church is spacious and austere and can hold between 300 and, allegedly, thousands of congregation. The highlight of the church is the bell tower which houses an old German bell and a large clock face. When open visitors are welcome to climb its steep stairway.

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