Xuejia Resort

Xuejia Resort of Qingdao, Qingdao Attractions, Qingdao Travel GuideXuejia Resort is a narrow peninsula of 3,520 acres inside the Qingdao Economical and Technological Development Area. Xuejia Island, with the total area being 27 square kilometers, was approved as the traveling resort in October 1996. Its three sides being sea, this island is very much like a flying phoenix, the magic bird in the oriental legend. Thus the legendary story of Xuejia Island spreads. Now that Xuejia Island changed its name into Phoenix Island, this legendary name adds to the romantic atmosphere of Xuejia Island.

Xuejia Resort is famous for its mild climate, the 2 Cmile stretch of powdery golden ┬ĘC sand beaches, lush greeneries, blue sea and the gourmet seafood. The best time to visit is between May and October.

In 2003, the municipal committee and the municipal government set the tone for the development of this island as the Movie Television Media Industry Center.

With the aim of becoming Movie Television Media Center, now three projects in Phoenix Island are under way. To begin with the Media School of Beijing Movie College has laid the foundation stone. The five-star Haijing Garden Hotel is now under construction and the performance center is in the process of being designed.

This beautiful island also has drawn attention from the Chinese Motion Picture Association and an American Hollywood Investment Group.

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