Laolongtou (Old Dragon Head) is a national tourist attraction which is situated four kilometers south of Shanhaiguan Pass. This is where China’s Great Wall meets the sea, and is the city’s most important attraction.

Qinghuangdao Laolongtou, Qinghuangdao Attractions,  Qinghuangdao Travel Guide

Laolongtou stretches 23 meters into the sea; it looks like a dragon drinking water. This section of great wall

was built in the seventh year of the Qing Dynasty (Kangxi period). At that time, the emperor of Kangxi and Qianlong went there for a visit. Laolongtou has become more and more popular in the succeeding years.

Some of the popular tourist destinations in the area include: Estuary Stone City, Jinglu Watchtower, Wangshou Watchtower, Nanhaikou Pass, Chenghai Tower, Ninghai City and Binhai City.

The Estuary Stone City
This giant construction was built by Qijiguang, a famous hero in the Ming dynasty. At that time, this building provided defense against Nuzhen and Mongolia invaders. The fortification is made of rocks and natural reefs, connected by cast iron chains.

Jinglu Watchtower
The tower is 11.7 meter in length and 10.7 meters in height. It connects the Stone city with the southern sea.

Wangshou Watchtower
Wangshou Watchtower and Jingdu Watchtower make up parts of the fortification along the ocean.

Nanhaikou Pass
Nanhaikou Pass, a section of the Ming Great Wall, was built on the seashore. It is 5.4 meters tall, and served an important role in the Laolongtou Great Wall’s defense system.

Qinghuangdao Nanhaikou Pass, Qinghuangdao Attractions, Qinghuangdao Travel Guide

Chenghai Tower
20 meters away from Nanhaikou pass, is Changhai Tower. It was built after Nanhaikou Pass was destroyed.

Ninghai City
Ninghai City is located near Chenghai Tower. The city’s wall, which is 6.6 meters high and 500 meters long in circumference, was built with bricks. There are two gates east to west respectively.

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