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Qinhuangdao Travel Guide

Qinghuangdao City View, Qinghuangdao Travel GuideQinhuangdao is a beautiful coastal city known for its frost-free port, historical town of Shanhaiguan and summer resort, Beidaihe. Located in northeastern Hebei Province with the Bohai Sea on the south, Mt. Yanshan on the north, Liaoning Province on the east and Beijing and Tianjin to the west, Qinhuangdao joins northeast China and north China as a transportation connection in the middle of the Bohai Sea Economic Rim. Qinhuangdao covers a total area of 7812.4 square kilometers and has a population of 2.73 million.

In 215 BC, China's first emperor Qinshihuang arrived in Jieshi (ancient name of Qinhuangdao) on his fourth eastern inspection tour. Qinhuangdao is the only city in China that was named after an emperor.


In 1898, the government opened Qinhuangdao as a commercial port and established Beidaihe as a summer resort, catering to foreigners. Qinhuangdao enjoys a pleasant climate, splendid landscape and beautiful scenery with the Great Wall running through the area. The coastline stretches 126.4 kilometers. Over 40 scenic areas such as the First Pass under Heaven, the Old Dragon's head, the Pigeons' Nest, the Golden Beach, Emperor Qinshihuang's Immortal-seeking Seaside, Mt. Zushan Scenic Area, Qinhuangdao Wildlife Park and Shanhaiguan Customs Museum are in the area.

Qinghuangdao Shanhaiguan Pass, Qinghuangdao Travel GuideOne can take tours of the Great Wall, relax on the beach, visit historical places, go bird-watching, or visit celebrity villas. There are tours of the National Geology Park, mountain sightseeing and sports tours. One can enjoy the Shanhaiguan Great Wall Festival, Lady Mengjiang Temple Fair, Sea-watching Fair and the Changli Dry Red Wine Festival. Shanhaiguan and the Old Dragon's Head, together with Beidaihe Beach were both selected as "Top 40 Tourist Destinations of China". Since 2003, the National Tourist Administration has granted 4-A titles to Shanhaiguan scenic areas (including the Old Dragon's Head, the First Pass Under Heaven, Lady Mengjiang Temple and the Horn Hill), Xin'ao Marine World, the Wildlife Park, Nandaihe Amusement Center, Jifa Agricultural Sightseeing Park, Yansai Lake and Longevity Hill. Qinhuangdao receives over 8 million tourists a year. Tourism has become a backbone industry and a new economic growth point. It is developing as a Great Wall seaside park.

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