Palha Manor

Palha Manor, Tibet Travel Guide

Palha Manor is located in the Banjorlhunbo Village of Jangra Town, 4 kilometers southwest of Gyangze County. Palha was originally the chief of a tribe in Budan. He fled to Tibet to escape civil strife, and held an official position in a Tibetan local government. As the Palha family's fortune expanded, so did Palha Manor. The manor was destroyed by British invaders in 1904. It was reconstructed after the war.

Palha Manor is the best-preserved noble manor house in Tibet. There are 57 rooms, including prayer rooms, bedrooms, guesthouse, etc. All the rooms are decorated lavishly. Exhibits of rare costumes give one a glimpse into the fashion from Palha Manor’s past.

Prayer Room of Palha Manor, Tibet Travel Guide