Zhangmu Town

Zhangmu Town, only 6 miles from the border with Nepal, is situated at the foot of the south slope of the Himalayas at 2300m above the sea level. After crossing the Friendship Bridge above the Bhotekoshi River, which was co-built by the Chinese and Nepalese governments, tourists can drive 65 miles directly to Katmandu, capital of Nepal.

Zhangmu Town - Shigatze Travel GuideZhangmu has a population of about 3,000 residents, most of them are Sherpas. It’s a very busy place with numerous people engaged in the booming border business and travel. Nepal businessmen come and go doing business in rice, flour, pepper, vegetables, fruits and perfumes, while Chinese merchants sell wool, salt, tea and Tibetan medicine. Nepalese merchants run restaurants in the small town, serving Nepalese dishes, instant noodles and beer. National and international travelers, especially Europeans and Americans come for Himalayan adventure, hiking, pilgrimage and to appreciate the spectacular scenery. The town lives harmoniously with its surroundings. Multi -colored flags flapping in the wind, houses topped with small exquisite gardens and luck trees lining the road make for an enchanting walk along the city’s only street that snakes its way through the small town. On both sides of the road there are shops, banks, restaurants, post, schools and customs offices.

Zhangmu Town is blessed with a humid and mild climate. No other town in Tibet can compete with Zhangmu for scenic beauty--meandering rivers, milky waterfalls, valleys bright with flowers and mighty mountains with snow-capped peaks provide an incomparable experience during the entire year.