Ancient Residence

The Zhongfu House
This residential compound built in the Ming and Qing styles, features a seven-fold serial courtyard with a garden in the back. It was the home of the prominent Wang family during the Qing Dynasty.

Ancient Residence of Xitang, Xitang Attractions, Xitang Travel Guide

The Xue House
The house was built into a business-residential complex during the years of the Republic of China (1911-49). Located in a bustling commercial area, the house had a specialty food store at the front and living quarters at the back. With the front of the house facing the street and the back on the waterfront, the design is typical of the town's commercial-residential buildings.

Xitang Ancient Residence, Xitang Attractions, Xitang Travel Guide

Sheng Tang (The Sage's Temple)
Originally built during the Ming Dynasty, the temple was renovated twice during the years of Emperor Kangxi in the Qing Dynasty. The renovated building was dedicated to Lord Guan (Yun-chang), a military hero who lived in the third century BC. Spring Festival celebrations were often held here.

The Ni House
This five-fold courtyard was home to the Nis, a literary family. Street canopies line the front of the compound, and a garden provides green serenity at the back of the complex.

Xi Yuan (Western Garden)
The home of a celebrated Zhu family that lived in southeastern China, this old residence boasts requisitely built towers, pavilions, rockeries and a fish pond. Some say the pond is the finest-looking spot in the whole town.

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