Xitang Museums

Valuable as they are architecturally and culturally, some of these heritage houses today serve as public or private museums. On display is a wide of range of items including historical documents or collections of old bamboo carvings, wood sculptures, decorative bricks and tiles. In the private museums, residents have even been known to open their lounges or studies to visitors for having a good old chat. More fortunate visitors might even be treated to private ancient book collections and inscriptions.

Root-Sculpture Museum of Mr. Zhang Zheng
About 300 root sculptures are on display in the museum's four exhibition rooms. Each of the rooms has a name: Guinness World Records, Eagles, Buddhist Images and the Underwater World.

Tile-Ends Museum
Ancient tile-ends are considered curios, because only a few remain today. They are decorative tiles made inexpensive materials. In this museum, there is a good collection of over 300 items. Also on display are patterned gutters, carved bricks, antique bricks, and pottery figures.

Museums of Xitang, Xitang Attractions, Xitang Travel GuideXitang Museum, Xitang Attractions, Xitang Travel Guide

Wood-Carving Museum
Some of the 250 residential wood decorations exhibited here date back to the Ming and Qing dynasties. The works include carved beam heads, balustrades and window shades, as well as lattice windows. The elegant and exquisite designs are a demonstration of just how skilled ancient craftsmen and artisans were.

Xitang Museums, Xitang Attractions, Xitang Travel Guide

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